Traumatic experiences (where our nervous system’s ability to regulate itself gets overwhelmed) can effect us in many ways. Emotionally our ability to move in/out of feelings can be impacted, inter-personally our capacity to trust others and say “no” in boundary-situations can be undermined. Trauma can be low-level and long-lasting (such as certain forms of sustained invalidation in relationships) or one-off and sudden such as a car accident. In either case we can suffer emotional, cognitive, and inter-personal effects. The complexity of these symptoms requires the therapist to be attuned to the particular needs of each client. Some clients benefit from grounding techniques and EMDR (Eye-Movement Desensitization), while others need to develop a sense of trust and safety in the therapeutic relationship as the main vehicle for healing. Others benefit from movement practices such as mindful yoga. Recently in my practice I have also been using horses to facilitate healing from trauma. A horse’s high degree of emotional attunement and gentle grounded energy can be helpful for some of my clients to become more aware and ground in the face of traumatic nervous system arousal.

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