We have over 20 horses in our herd. Most of these horses have previously experienced emotional injury or life challenges, which makes them excellent therapy horses. The horses we ask to facilitate us in psychotherapy sessions are attuned to human emotional vibrations, generous in their willingness to help you explore the issue that is alive for you, and move energy when it emerges.

Bo is one of our senior herd members. He comes to us with a previous career in eventing and dressage, as well as his fair share of emotional trauma. He offers lessons in being present, tuning into our emotional sense, and moving energy through. Affectionately known as “Whoa Bo,” he is now enjoying his retirement.

Oakley, our gentle giant (Belgian), came to us as a yearling, walking only on 3 legs as his right front did not reach the ground. He had experienced a very difficult beginning to life and was fortunate to be alive. He received several CST sessions, and is now perfectly sound and very tall at the ripe old age of 2.


Sunshine, pretty as a picture, paint/pinto mare. Soft brown eyes and a delicate face. Lightning speed. Can be nervous so serves as a reminder to be calm, gently assertive, and grounded. Needs strong leadership

Deja Vu. Handsome WB gelding who had a paddock accident as a youngster which left him with a “knockdown hip”, meaning a fractured growth plate in his pelvis, and a resultant short career. He is sound for light riding, and is an excellent teacher for my students to learn about fascial compensatory patterns after trauma. A true gentleman.